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    Personal Breathalyser for home / personal use with simple one-button operation.
    Industrial Breathalyser for personal / workplace, know that your staff are fit for work.
    Fixed Type Breathalyser for construction / mine sites / clubs, bars and other licensed venues.

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    AlcoSense Volt

    Accurate Fuel Cell Sensor


    AlcoSense Stealth

    Accurate 3 decimal reading.


    AlcoSense Verity

    Built-in hidden mouthpiece for personal breath testing.


    AlcoSense Precision Plus

    Australian Standard AS3547 Certified.


    AlcoSense Prodigy

    AS3547 with 2.4" touch screen.


    AlcoSense Prodigy + Print Pack

    Complete with Printer.

    Call for Price: 07 3999 9745

    Alcosense Soberpoint 3 Wall Mounted Breathalyser

    Construction, mining and licensed venues.


    AlcoSense Interlock FR9000

    Handheld breathalyser with a vehicle ignition system.


    AlcoSense Stealth Interlock

    Portable alcohol interlock for cars.