Breathalyser Calibration

Breathalyser Calibration

When it comes to using your breathalyser it's reliability is very important. To ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of your breathalyser it needs to be calibrated every 6 to 12 months [per manufacturer's recommendations], depending on the model. All our breathalysers are serviced by our in-house technicians using professional equipment. 

As an authorised Calibration Centre for Alcosense Breathalysers you can send in or drop off your breathalyser for calibration.  

 Personal Range of Breathalysers      Industrial Range of Breathalysers 
 Model  Price inc gst    Model  Price inc gst
 Alcosense Stealth $49.50    Alcosense Prodigy  $99.00
 Alcosense Verity  $49.50    Alcosense Prodigy II   $99.00
 Alcosense Pro [AL6000]  $49.50    Alcosense Precision +   $99.00
 Alcosense Checkmate  $49.50    Alcosense Precision 2   $99.00
 Alcosense Mini  $49.50    Alcosense Surety   $99.00
 Alcosense Elite II  $49.50    Alcosense Soberpoint   $99.00
 Alcosense Volt  $49.50    Alcosense Soberpoint II   $99.00
 Alcosense Zenith  $49.50      


     •  All items are subject to Manufacturer's warranty guidelines

     •  Defects that have resulted from any one of the following causes are not covered by Manufacturer's warranty: 

          - improper or unreasonalbe use or maintenance  
          - accident  
          - excess moisture  
          - improper packing 
          - lighting and power surges 
          - unauthorised tampering
          - alteration or modification 

     •  Proof of purchase is to be provided for any warranty claims 

     •  If you receive your breathalyser faulty, contact us within 1 week of receipt for a RA [Return Authority Number]